Trust me,it's not just singlesnet that does these things,it's in nearly every site to be found on the 'net.

I have checked out nearly every listed site on the 'net in the past 3 years,and have found the majority of them have almost all of the same issues as described on here.

Any site that requires payment,will almost surely have tricks to generate interest for you in order to get your payment.

It's sad,but a fact never the less... and sometimes you will find most of the sites have a majority of people with issues,rather than a sense of sincerity.

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New Market, Iowa, United States #20006

Singlesnet "borrowed" my profie name of "strawberrybl07" and my profile personal information and created a bogus member using my profile name and information, only they made him a man!!!

eHarmony put me on autopay when I expressly requested and paid for a one-month trial membership. I did not know you have to police your own site and check to make sure they don't do that.

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