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I'd like to add my 2 cents to the Singlesnet forum. With my experiences of all of the major dating clubs on the computer, Singlesnet has to be the biggest waste of money that there is.

Briefly, about 95% of the email that I had received was from young (20's and 30"s) black women mainly from New York and other misc. cities. Some were from here in Wash. State from cities that I have NEVER heard from.

And I'm a NATIVE. A lot even post pictures of young, nice looking white women. Then when you read their profiles, they say they're black. Also about 95% say their occupation is in sales.

And their greeting is always: Hi, how are you? So, according to the old saying, something is fishy in Denmark, NO, I think they were talking about Singlesnet. If anyone out there would like to get together and expose these clubs for what they are, get in touch, and we'll take em head on. You hear about the success stories out there.

Sure, when there is hundreds of thousands of members total, there is bound to be SUCCESS stories. I have tried without success to get ahold of a publisher to print what I know now after 4 years. But have had no success. Lets clue the people out there who might be thinking of joining and clue them in BEFOREHAND.Roger.

Reach me at Honda010245@yahoo.com. The people that are really making out from all of this and are the success stories are the OWNERS not the paying members.


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Its wrked ok for me bud

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