i attempted to email someone i thought is very special. we had im'd once.

my email was blocked with a message saying basically this person's sexuality is such that i would not want to talk to him. i was shocked at the message. tried again, same thing. later im messaging, i had to ask this person about that.

it was embarrasing , to say the least. he hung in there and convinced me he is not ***. what must have he thought???? lots of strange things happen on this site.

this whole thing is habit forming and i try to stop. haven't succeeded yet.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Ladys if you see this persons name run he is a *** artist he will say he loves and can't live without you and then he will ask you for money. brineHarrison@yahoo.com

Gununganyar, Jawa Timur, Indonesia #36655


I recieved a note from Singlesnet saying I had someone outside my race trying to contact me, even though he was on my "BLOCK" list!!!

And they thought I should give him a chance... Omg...nothing to do with color, just my preference is caucasion, but this guy had been rude and crude is why he was blocked.....

How is that for privacy?

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