Round Hill, Virginia

I was looking for suitable people to date and used While it is true that people can lie really easy behind a computer or phone, screening should be a little better.

I began dating someone I met on the site, he is married. Since March I have dated him off and on with promise that he will file for a divorce and has not done anything. This goes even further because he partially responsible for a grandson raised by him and his wife, which is a very spoiled and rude child. There is no intent of divorce and now his wife calls me looking for him when he doesn't answer the phone.

Singlesnet, hmm, shouldn' t you be single if your looking to date?

One may wonder.

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ahahahhaha to funny.


I Agree with mellbell123, the problem is not the site its your own ethics... dating a married man is your fault not of the website!


Once you found out he was married, you should have ended all contact, That is YOUR responsibility as an adult. Not the wedsites And since you are still dating him, I guess he is not the only one with questionable ethics......

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