My title says it all, nothing but the worst of the knock.I grind my teeth at the sheer thought of even saying hi.

Never spent a buck but they won't set me free. I get even more homely lonelies than before. The last one was sheer quiver. I mean it man, if all you want to do is die, then get yourself one of these and its all over.

More words, they say.


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angelchains #256450

Was on there for a week, talkin to a very good looking guy and things were going good for a couple days. Than he started asking me very explicit sexual questions and most of the time he sounded extremely drunk..........unstable people on this site! Thank goodness I didn't pay.

for***sake #250335

You probably have a wrinkled up ***! Some things even Viagra cannot help. OMG have you stuck it in yet or is that a wet noodle.

for***sake #250323

Hey, go pound sand up your spincter muscle. If you are lucky you might shoot a wad of spooge after it tickles your prostate.

Kalisimbi #206366


This apply to men as well. After paying twice on singlesnet and getting nothing I wondered why do I need to get a date through websites and not directly from my neighborhood, workplace or school? I have my own problems that I need to solve rather than relying on websites full of scammers and milking my hard earned money.

Other side of the Coin #206156

This is the SADDEST thing I've ever heard. I bet you look like George Clooney!

sweetbirchy #205139

yaa ever see that wrinkled up bag lady lookin woman named sportalicious..puke material..I had a 41 yr old dude named "prolab" ( who is there 24/7 for YEARS NOW)-tell me he was going to rape and beat my 10 yr old..and singlesnet just allows him to stay on the site with other "pro" type names..Its general white trash on that site "social defunct losers".And if you arent a wrinkled up old fat chick ..they attack you.

Most are chronic alcoholics and so jealous its humourous ..I will only go there to gloat and taunt them now. Since I have found my HOT STUD..

Ok another one this woman bella is like 49 ..for months she was engaged to this kid old enough to be her son..she played him like a tool.then had another date showed up with a ring first meeting ..and she was engaged again..I think she just wanted someone with a car ..LMAO

Pennis Funza, Cundinamarca, Colombia #204786

Deud, WTF did you expect????Hot chix don't need any help getting guys!

They just have to go about their normal lives and guys will be after them.

The only chicks that need a dating service are the ones that are so nasty no one wants to go near them.Its life.

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