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Every time I receive an 'I'm interested in you' I look at the contact and a lot of them I have received photographs from these women before (oh yes) this computer does not have a memory, the same photographs as I received before from women in Ghana or Nigeria or other foreign country or before on this system.

Also the contacts that are sent to me are computer generated, particularly when the system sends you a list of contacts (multiple) at once, and some are from ones you flirted with but get no response (on multiple occasions). If these women were interested or not interested in you they would get back with you one way or another, I would never pay this web site a dime for their (lack of service).

Oh yes, I did actually met 3 ladies from this site, 2 were not what they said they were, their pictures were not current, one was '***' just looking to get a free expensive meal out of you and a lousy kisser to boot. The other sized you up to your sexual potential and if it didn't meet her criteria, forget it she cut the date off and indicated that she had to be elsewhere (she was sorry, my A*s she was sorry) and you are left holding the tab for a nice dinner or whatnot. A third wanted a 'daddy' for her daughter to play with while the mother works, and I am not babysitter, I did that when I was younger and it was okay then cause I got paid handsomely to do it, It is not worth it.

If you get on this web site and do not pay for it, do not start, you will just be pouring your money down 'a hole in the water'. When I get a contact I do flirt with them, but if I don't get any answer one way or the other, I don't bother going out of my way to establish contact, I just chalk it up to a computer telling me 'she is hot' and wants to talk/meet. P.T. Barnum was right... There is a fool born every minute and a Fool and their money is soon parted.

BE CAREFUL, I stick to other sources of meeting women, at least these are real women not some computer generated photos of women; cute as they may be, they are not real. Oh yes, the last lady I met on line I learned had just turned 18, but was not in Alaska but rather lived in Ghana, and as cute as she is, I got a personal picture from her and I really don't care if she is a sexual virgin, I had enough of them during college. I do not like individuals who pretend to be one thing and in actuality is something else. Stay away from women from Africa, they all want money, how in the *** do they live is beyond me, and after all the ***-artist bull*$@t I have heard, rather go to sleep alone. Sorry for ranting and raving, I have heard my rants gets raves (sorry Hawkeye).

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plenty of fish is the same..I had my unpaid profile up. It never got a look.

I canceled it and stated the reason.Three hours later I got wink from Yeah I'll ***.. Go hook someone else.

Because my profile was already removed so how did this guy wink at me. mmmm very fishy....

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