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I joined Singlesnet when it first started. Yes, been a member all that time. It has consistently gone downhill. There are people on the site that are there only to use vulgar attacks on ladies and men, when reporting them with Singlesnets 'Report' button it takes forever to get them banned from the room and if they happen to be a paying member, they dont ban them at all but let them continue their vulgar language, bad conduct and attacks on other members.

They have a written policy of 'no tolerance for vulgarity and harassment of other members but it seems to depend on who you are. Because one pays a monthly fee, it seems Singlesnet allows them to be vulgar and harass other members as they wish. If one happens to be banned for such conduct, they can go create another profile with a different email address and come right back into the chatrooms. If they are reported again, nothing sseems to be done about it and they carry right on with their vulgar conduct and insults to ladies.

It is not worth the monthly fee that they charge. Many members have suggested they place room moderators in the chatrooms to help control the bad conduct but in the past 3 years that hasnt happened and it doesnt look likely that it will ever happen. Too bad because Singlesnet started out as a great site where people actually had decent conversations in the chatrooms and didnt have to deal with the kind of conduct seen on many other sites.

It is NOT recommended and it definitely is not worth the price they ask. It is NOT free to contact other members any longer. You must be a paying member to contact other members with email.

1 Star only because I dont suppose you can give them 0 stars.

Monetary Loss: $24.

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