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they discrimanted agaist me many times , Im a serebro hermaphrodite , every time I posted a clean picture of myself on there they deleted it , thank god I was on a so called free trile , they dont have my credit card info . but they did discrimanate agaist me , they only have male and female gender .so when I wrote im a hermaphrodite they deleted that and I had to post my profile under female becouse it was the closest to my needs , when a guy hits me up he dont know whats going on and the guys think im a *** man trying to get lucky with them. if would stop being prejudust and stop discimating the men on there site would know the facts I think they should be sued or shut down becouse that kind of cr*p has to stop.

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Spelling is not the issue .What they do is wrong and that is the bottom line.Would you down an imigrant for not speaking perfect inglish , I would hope not.



Castelo, Espirito Santo, Brazil #50129


You need to learn how to spell, dear..

Otherwise, you sound like a lovely person.


You need to learn punctuation.

Espergaerde, Hovedstaden, Denmark #49539

As the post prior to this one, I dont care anything about someone elses spelling. If your as you stated you are then be it.

I a gree that they should be shut down for a number of reasons. One for being as they were with you, another for being such a money grubbing operation and a financial ripp off. I know that we should find other means to meet people that doesnt require fee's and paid subscriptions. Thats why I created my own singles site running on my own servers.

No fee's, No descrimination, No Spamming, No anoying advertisments. I sponsor my own site at zero cost to all registered users.

I use McAfee server total protection on all my servers. Give it a try .

South Nyack, New York, United States #49432

If your complaint is any indication of what you posted on this website. They probably assumed you were a child because you do not know how to spell at all

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