Point Marion, Pennsylvania

I had an account with singlesnet since december of 2007 and everything was going fine with it. Then I had met someone and canceled my account.

After the relationship didn't work out I went back on to singlesnet and opened up a new account. When I logged off and tried to log on the next day, I got the message that my account had been deleted. I e-mailed them and asked them why. They gave me some lame excuse and told me I needed to open a new account.

So I did. Same thing again. I got disgusted and chalked it up to an error in the system and would come back another time. So today

I opened up a new account once again, and when I logged off and tried to go back on, I got the same message again.

I am thinking that because I am not a paying participant that they don't want me on the site.

How rude!!

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