They lie! I was too intelligent to immediately become a paying member, thank goodness.

I realized that they were randomly sending profiles to members saying that an individual was interested in them when the individual had never even seen the person's profile.

It's a scam to get you to pay so that you can communicate with that 'dream guy' who has the hots for you.

I really got tired of guys sending me messages saying, "Thanks for your interest in me...." Whereas I would respond that I had never even seen their profiles before they wrote to me.

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I also hate that when I click on someones profile it sends them a thing saying I am interested. I may not be interested!

This is very misleading.

They just should have it say...Ms. so and so looked at your profile...


I have heard about success on Match and even harmony. I HAVE NEVER HEARD anybody being found on this site. Scam.

"OK"...you need to get over yourself....she was trying to tell you somethin.


Think about it they are here to make money not help you find your prince charming. Get over it, either learn how to find what you are looking for or move on.

Stop complaining about how they sent you contacts and look for yourself its that simple. I am sure you will be the dumb *** that compalins because you got played by some guy also.

The perfect world your rich *** parents raised you in is not so perfect princess. Welcome to the real world.


This isn't the only "dating" site that plays that particular little trick...lol. Scammers...sigh

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