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right now my review on your site is real bad.....i always loved this site but now for a month i have all kinds of login problems.....it will time out on me ever time i login.....when it is late late at night, when i would think the traffic was slow i can get it to log on.......i use two other date sites that never do this....i have used your site for yrs,yrs....never had these issues.....i have called it in to their tech area and they say it's fixed, never is.......never.....

my phone is 406 781 2491 how can i get to talk to upper management ?????

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I've had problems too. Sometimes when you put the site in address area, it jhust clicks and clicks and clicks, and doesn't go anywhere. Other times whn I get through, it let's me search but there is no log in on the page.

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