all sites should have warningicons and important letter about nigerian scams and scams..i thinkmaybe tehsite bait people...for sure,,,can u prove it and the 3 day money thing dont give them credit card access.....*** if u do who givesmoney back in this world....not even ur kids..as a far as...is it all phonie //no''fist date i got on the site...she been *** me sucking me, 69 ing me, letting me toy her and ..everything under the sun, i ahve her up to 840..and taught her how to give monster head//plus dogghie style ..plus she is school master so if u are a loser i dont know why....i liek watching my *** go down her legs..plus she makes 40 k a year...but she is just a fling...a chick who wants nothing but *** ..

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