have been on many dating sites and have found them to be mostly made up of blue collar men and women who are seeking a second chance at love. Yes there are the scammers, and the perverts, and self centered on these sites as well.

Isn't it up to us to be discerning and not fall for the lies and deception of the less honest among us?

In our busy world that can seen to spin us hurling off into space at times we need Internet dating sites. How else are we meant to meet and socialize? I think we the consumer and they the site providers should work together to keep the frauds off the sites.

Be nice children, play well and get along. Its much more fun that way.

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Sanandaj, Kordestan, Iran #18967

People please remember that you can just as easily meet one of the Liars out in the real world, there will always be one out there, there are lots of men and women who blatantly lie about their marital status, alas and they do it to your face. It is the nature of the beast.

Ultimately it is up to the individual to *** out the one your interested in.

Secondly the "So & So" is interested in you email is not a false email indeed it is sent anytime some one looks at your profile you are INDEED showing interest. You may not like what you read, and you may not actually want to date the person but what you initially saw sparked your interest and you did read their profile.

Treviolo, Lombardy, Italy #17948

There was a woman complaining how Singlesnet is full of men lying about their martial status and using Singlesnet for cheap thrills by taking sexual advantage of women on the site.

This makes me wonder if it is true that men are seeking women for their sexual benefits, wouldn't this fact alone make you think there was some sort of connection between the man and the woman to begin with for them to be intimate with each other? So, in fact, wouldn't that make you think that this particular woman didn't make any sense regarding this subject?

She said it is FULL of men who lie. Well, it is true liars will be found, but, ALL of them? There is no reason to lie.

Besides, it is more fun to search the site sending emails to people you are interested in and to learn for yourself if in fact the person you contacted is actually honest with you from the beginning or lying to you. I like the challenge to find out for myself. There are ways to find out.

Besides, not knowing the woman who posted the accusations about this site, it still makes me sort of curious if the woman herself was being honest about this situation or not. Would be interesting to find out.

How is a man going to verify his martial status, she asked? How is a woman going to verify her marital status. I can say anything as well as anybody else, so it makes me wonder if there will ever be a way to verify anything for any dating site in the future.

Even though this is a real world, that doesn't mean this world is full of real people. Yes, there are animals in our species, and it is a shame, but, it is OUR responsibility to *** the bad ones out from the good ones, and if you were to look around, there ARE more good people in this world than there is bad people.

So, GET REAL and take a good look, and you will find a really nice person.

Shizuoka, Shizuoka, Japan #17767

You're only telling half of the story. The other half is that some sites engage in unethical activity, in and of themselves.

They generate pay-to-read emails to new members, enticing them to pay for a subscription so that they can access their "personal" message. These "emails" are nothing more than phony, auto-generated "welcome" messages designed specifically for this purpose. Their "money back guarantees" are also misleading. Many of them boast of their money back guarantee, only to later stipulate that you must have experienced "verifiable" technical difficulties.

As for Singlesnet, be aware when another member views your profile (and this happens a lot if you don't upload a picture), the system generates "false interest," leading you to believe that you're more desirable than Venus or Valentino. Genuine interest is evidenced my the number of "flirts" you receive (mind you, this is all for non-paying members). It is unclear if Singlesnet actually creates phony profiles that generate false interest, however, one member observed that he received flirts from individuals whose profiles indicated they were in his region, however, could not be located via the region search.

Coincidentally, these profiles belonged to VERY attractive "members". Since real people monitor Singlesnet member's descriptions (to make sure you don't post your email address and subvert the subscription-only services), it is entirely likely that there are people generating false interest and thus, generating revenue for Singlesnet.

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