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yes I HAD MY ACCOUNT DELEATED for posting the truth about someone. oh her and her Friends have been on there for 5 years.they always talk *** about me because I am a good looking female.and her name is spy,53years old,and someones princess.

please they are old I have seen them in person. someone doesn't look like her picture that is posted. These old women on singlesnet in UT ruin it for people like me. them being jealous.

I never once turned them in for them talking ***. about me! but hey a girl can only take so much. SO for all the FKN *** in UT,kiss my *** singelsnet better have deleted my profile.People don't pay for it there.NOT worth it.

Try its 100% FREE. My pictures better be off there singel net I had 400 people in my email that I didn't get too open up. they suck in UT singelsnet chat room . I was only there for maybe 2 weeks.

And they didn't even give me a chance to explain.TOO many hutches their talking about ***.But hey these old people that have been their talking *** for at least 5 years. all know each other so they have their friends put in for inappropriate I seid they talk *** about me. I did the same last nite.I payed them back.

that is the only good thing on singelsnet. truth HURTS.

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What I said was ::

[ We are going to h-a-c-k the s-h-i-t out of because the b-i-t-c-h-e-s are fake. They have deleted THE WRONG phucking user. Legion of Doom



Auto phucking cuss detector!!! THAT IS PHUNNY!!

Don't trip Anna Angel call me on FRS channel 2 462.5875 Code 1 (CTCSS 67.0) or ring me at eight zero one seven three seven one six six three.

(It's the only way to trick the AUTO FILTER BOT piece of s-h-i-t. LOL PhØØbar LOD 511


We are going to *** the *** out of because the *** are fake. They have deleted THE WRONG phucking user.

Legion of Doom..

PhØØbar (511) Those who know well they know who I am and I'm no phucking joke! watch this!


i like cinnamin toast crunch cereal


CATFIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! :p


Why don't you get over it. First of all, that probably isn't your picture!! If you were that wonderful, you wouldn't have to be on Singlenet in the first place....






your fine, contact me, lifetimecmg@yahoo, i think the whole site is full of woman from ghana, unless they weigh 200 pounds or more

honesty here does not work on singlesnet.


The word you're looking for is "Deleted".


singelsnet is a scam


I signed up today also tried yesterday didn't even get to talk to anyone I hadn't even had the account for 5 min when they deleted it why??? I hadn't cussed I live in Nevada selling my home and moving back to Utah I did mention this if this is why they disabled my account they can go suck a ROCK!

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